2013 Performers & Performing Grounds, Pori Art Museum [FIN]
Performers & Performing Grounds, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam
2010 Superhero, Pärnu Art Museum [EST]
2009 Superhero, Die Färberei, Munich
2007 1000 Faces of Underground, Raumar Art Museum, Raumar [FIN]
1000 Faces of Underground, Galleria 3h+k, Pori [FIN]
2006 Schürzenportraits, Färberei, Munich
Dachportraits, Färberei, Munich
1000 Faces of Underground, Int. Fideo & Vilm Festival, Pärnu [EST]
Affinität Wurst, Foyer, Munich
2005 1000 Faces of Underground, Die Färberei, Munich
2004 Mambo Jambo Poa Fresh, Die Färberei, Munich
2003 Cowboys, Galerie Karrer, Zürich [CH]
Tapetenwechsel, Ill Galeries, Berlin
Tapetenwechsel, Dynamo, Zürich [CH]
Im Abendland des Liebestodes, Comicfest, Praterinsel, Munich
2001 Tapetenwechsel, Die Färberei, Munich
1998 Bloss, TMT gallery, Bayreuth

2017 Artisterium Festival, Tbilissi [GEO]
Performers & Performing Grounds at Goethe Institute Sofia as part of Sofia Underground Festival [BUL]
Artists Books at the Centre for Artists Publications, Weserburg Bremen [GER]
2016 Performers & Performing Grounds, 6th Marrakech Biennale- Parallel Projects [MAR]
Performers & Performing Grounds, M:ST-Mountain Standard Time Performative Art Festival, Calgary [CA]
Express Padala with Irene Pascual, Taiwan Annual Show, Taipei [TAW]
2015 Wild Legend, Juming Museum, New Taipei City [TAW]
Ø, Hans & Fritz Contemporary, Barcelona [ESP]
The Photo Book, Athens Photo Festival [GR]
Land Unter Lichter, Goethe Institute Munich [GER]
25 Years Künstlerhaus am Acker, Berlin
2014 High UnderTai with Irene Pascual, Howl Space, Tainan [TAW]
Performers & Performing Grounds, Digital Marrakech Festival [MAR]
Performers & Performing Grounds, RAVY Performance Festival-Goethe Institute Yaoundé [CAM]
T.E.H.D.A.S. Live & Dead Art, Pori Art Museum [FIN]
Performers, Floating Library, New York
2013 Performers, Ballarat International Foto Bienale, Victoria [AUS]
Quid Pro Quo, Instituto Cervantes, Berlin
Performers, Existence V-Performance, the Body & Time in the 21st Century, Brisbane [AU]
Performers, Kunst braucht Fläche, Oranienstraße Berlin
2012 Performers & Performing Grounds, Mozg Festival, Bydgoszcz [POL]
Bestiarium+ with Irene Pascual, Färberei, Munich
Extinction 21.12.2012, Installation with Irene Pascual, Berlin Weekly
…and they lived happily ever after, GlogauAIR, Berlin
Last Sup(p)er, Stattbad, Berlin
24 Stunden Neukölln, Raum E116, Berlin
Performers & Performing Grounds, The Second Performance Festival, GlogauAIR, Berlin
2011 Census and the Art of Capturing Data with Irene Pascual, Fishmarket gallery, Northampton [GB]
Tardor Art/ On-Off, Museu Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona [ESP]
Mehr Licht!- a tribute to Chema Alvargonzález, GlogauAIR/ Berlin
The Beauty Of Minor Matter, Skalitzer140_temporary, Berlin
Pastinaken raus!, Die Färberei, Munich
Vanguard Exhibition, Studio 1D, London [GB]
2010 Oktoberfest, Villa Mohr, Munich [GER]
Transformission, Moving Buildings, P 60, Amstelveen
2009 The Pursuit of Happiness, Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Groningen [NL]
Personal Affects, Mariakapel, Hoorn [NL]
Spontanperforationen, Uamo Festival, Munich
2007 N°7, Galerie Rootkapje [NL]
Ego, Wiesbadener Photography Festival, Wiesbaden
It‘s about to blow up, Uamo-Festival, Kunstarkaden, Munich
2006 Oktoberfest/ Zwischenraum with Barbara Donaubauer, Gasteig, Munich
Motherland, Kunstvlaa6, Amsterdam [NL]
2005 Freizeitmuster, Kulturwerkstatt, Fürstenfeldbruck [GER]
2004 Minibar, Bunnyhill, Kammerspiele, Munich
Musterzimmer with Uli Aigner, Marek Vogel, Tobias Zintel..., Die Bank, Munich
Tapetenwechsel, Photokina, Cologne
2003 Weg with Catherina Conrad, Färberei, Munich
2002 Erlebnis Hören, Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin
2000 Cowboys, Designale, Trade fair Munich
Treibhaus am Himmel with Thomas Gilke, Unartig gallery, Munich

1997-2000 Studies at the State Academy for Photography, Munich

2018 Performing Grounds book was nominated for the Unveil'd photobook award
2018 Project grant for Opean, performance & concert series by Culture Dept. City of Munich
2017 Goethe Institute Tiblissi for Artisterium Festival [GEO]
2016 German Embassy Rabat for Marrakech Biennale-Parallel Projects [MAR]
2015 Artist In Residence at Juming Museum & Gold Museum [TAW]
2014 Goethe Institute Yaoundé for RAVY Festival [CAM]
Goethe Institute Rabat for Digital Marrakech Festival [MA]
Artist in Residence at Howl Space, Tainan [TAW]
2012 Goethe Institute Sofia for Sofia Underground Festival
2009 Project Grant, EU Comission & Goethe Institute/ Amman [JO]
Project Grant & Artist in residency at Makan, Goethe Institute/ Amman
Artist in Residency at Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn [NL]
2008 Project Grant, Culture Dept. City of Munich
Public Award, R Eject Filmfestival, Rotterdam [NL]
2007 Artist in Residency Raumars [FIN]
2006 Exhibition grant, Culture Dept. City of Munich

2010-12 ELAA- European Live Art Archive, collaboration of the University Girona [ESP], Ruskin school of Drawing & Fine Arts [UK| and GlogauAIR/ Berlin
2009 The Gas Car Project with Samah Hijawi, Amman [JOR]

2017 Performing Grounds published by Trema Förlag, Stockholm
2016 Salon Rouge with Heinrich Obst, published by Bureau Gruzemeyer/ Antwerp [BE]
2013 Performers, Pori Art Museum Publishing [FIN]
2010 7 for the price of 1-Accumulating Value with Messianic Research Centre for Visual Ethics, Pori Art Museum Publishing [FIN]

2017 Shahenda: On Smoking I: She would roll petite cigarettes, petite like her
Published and edited by Ola El Khalidi
Annual 2016 by Collage Collective Co [AU]
2016 Emergency Index Vol.5 with Salon Rouge, Ugly Duckling Presse New York
2014 International Mobile Album special "performance" [FR] (Cover)
2013 British Journal for Photography, London with Performers
10 years of T.E.H.D.A.S., Pori Art Museum Publishing [FIN] with Performers
El Fin del Mundo at Mooon Publishing, Madrid [ESP]
2011 Tardor Art/ On-Off, Museum Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
HMK {Hotel MariaKapel} 2008 – 2010 reunion [NL]
Der Greif Photography magazine [GER]
2010 Der Greif Photography magazine [GER]
Oktoberfest, Villa Mohr, Munich
2009 The Pursuit of Happiness, Photography Festival Noorderlicht [NL]
JO magazin, Amman [JO] with The Gas Car Project
Uamo Art Festival, Munich
JO magazine, Amman [JO] with Superhero
Der Greif Photography magazine [GER]- cover with Superhero
2007 Yhteyksiä Asiaa Yhteisötaiteesta, Raumars [FIN]
2002 Tapetenwechsel, Kult magazine, Zürich [CH]

2018 Fantasia is featured on Velvet Eyes magazine [FR]
2017 Performing Grounds book featured at Phosmag magazine [ITA]
2016 Performers at Cadadiaunfotografo [ESP]
2015 Performing Grounds, Emerge Photography magazine, Berlin
Performers, Feature Shoot magazine New York [USA]
Performers, Square Magazine [UK/FR]
A Dash of Red and Green, Aint-Bad magazine [USA]
Performers, Ismology magazine [FRA]
Andromeda, Self Publish, Be Happy [UK]
Performers, Nerve magazine [USA]
A Dash of Red and Green, China Photographers Association, Beijing [CHN]
Performers, Performance Matters Journal- 'Archiving Performance' by Simon Fraser University [CA]
Performers, il Post magazine [ITA]
2014 Performers, Slate magazine/ Behold Photo Blog [USA]
Performers, Musée magazine #10- Rituals [USA]- Print
Performers, Fotografia magazine [ITA]
Abandoned Spaces, Feature Shoot magazine [USA]
Performers & Performing Grounds, Doc! photography magazine [POL]
Shut Eyes at Lenscratch magazine [USA]
The State of Fair, Feature Shoot magazine [USA]
Performers book, F295 photography platform, Pittsburgh [USA]
Performing Grounds, Mutantspace [IE]
Performing Grounds, Lenscratch magazine [USA]
Performers, MAP #5- eJournal for «Media-Archive-Performance« by Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig & HZT Berlin
Performing Grounds, Phasesmag photography magazine
Performing Grounds, Formagramma magazine [ITA]
Performers, Peeppol [GER]
2013 Performers, Le Journal de la Photographie, Paris [FRA]
My Home is the Sea, PM photgraphy magazine [CA]
The Slaughterhouse of Amman at Getaddictedto magazine, Munich
2012 Performers, F-Stop magazine [USA]
Spontanperforationen, F-Stop magazine [USA]
2011 The Sonorous Hills of Amman, Plateform magazine, Paris [FRA]
2010 The Slaughterhouse, Peanut Butter Thoughts magazine

DokumentART Film Festival/ Szczecin [POL], Int. Videofestival/ Reykjavic [ISL]
Months of Performance/ Berlin, LAPSody Performance Festival/ Helsinki [FIN], AWA-Gallery/ Amsterdam [NL], Alkofi Gallery Off/ Helsinki [FIN], CAZ Art/ Cornwall [UK], Boomtown Festival/ Texas (USA), Art Hall Tallinn [EST], Open Fields, Sydney [AU], New Media Fest, Video Channel Cologne [GER], ProArtOrg gallery, Belgrad [SRB], Int. Short Film Festival Detmold [GER], Hotel Mariakapel / Hoorn [NL], Makan/ Amman [JOR], Int. Film and Video Festival Pärnu [EST], Streaming festival/ The Hague [NL], Geborgenkammers/ The Hague [NL], R Eject Festival/ Rotterdam [NL]- Public Awarded!, Uamo Festival, Kunstarkaden/ Munich, Underdox Festival/ Munich, Rauma Art Museum [FIN], Recontres Int. et Normades/ Liège [B], Int. Fideo & Vilm Festival/ Pärnu [EST]

2015 Personal Affairs I & II, POFF-Pori Film Festival [FIN]
Jeansgruppe in Teutopia, Grüntaler9, Berlin
2011 The presence of.., NIU gallery, Loop Festival Barcelona [ESP]
Irritations of Normality, Transmediale & CTM, Berlin
Alter Cases of Ego, Streaminfestival [NL]
2010 The noise of silence, Galeria Sinne, Helsinki [FIN]
Some like it screened, Galeria Rajtaide, Tampere [FIN]
The secret pearls of... Galeria 3h+k, Pori [FIN]
Open Call Video Selection, Home Sweet Home Festival, Berlin
Perf festival, Tampere [FIN]
2009 Makan, Amman [JOR]
Galeria 3h-k, Pori [FIN]

WORKSHOPS (2006-2017)
Performance: Tainan University of Technology/ Dept for Fashion Design [TAW], MingDao University/ Fashion Imaging Dept. [TAW], Cheng Kong University/ Tainan [TAW], Erciyes University Art Dept. [TUR]
Pop Up: Museum Villa Stuck/ Munich [GER], Hoping Elementary School/ Chengong [TAW], NPO Tiempo/ Fokuoka [J]
HOW TO BECOME A SUPERHERO : Museum Villa Stuck/ Munich, Children Museum/ Amman [JO], Handicapped school/ Amman [JO]
Collage: Children Museum/ Amman [JO]